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Faculty Of Law & Enforcement

Diploma in Enforcement & Compliance(MQA/FA1606)

Why Study Diploma In Enforcement And Compliance @ Smart College

The Diploma in Enforcement and Compliance is designed to prepare students who want a career as a Law Enforcement Officer with Law Enforcement Agencies. Students will also be able to work in Audit & Compliance in private companies and non-profit organizations (NGO).

Upon completion of this Law Enforcement program, students will be able to apply the latest techniques and procedures to handle compliance investigation, enforce the law, prosecuting non-compliance and applying appropriate technologies and forensic tools to help extract evidence for law enforcement agencies in the government and also the private sector.  


Modules Studied

Listed below are some of the core modules the student will be learning in this law enforcement program:

  • Criminal Law
  • Compliance & Inspection
  • Criminal Justice
  • Criminology
  • Regulatory Bodies
  • Prosecution Techniques

We also concentrate on laboratory analysis, and to the presentation of expert testimony in a moot court session to ensure that students role play as a law enforcement officer and provides them with practical knowledge on how evidence is presented in the court of law.


Entry Requirements

Career Opportunities

Our graduates pursue career with a variety of law enforcement agencies including police, customs, immigration, SPRM, correctional facilities, local municipal counsels at state or federal level, or even with private agencies.

Examples of professional roles include as below :

Fire and Rescue Department85%